2013 Golf

Inaugural Mississippi Celebrity & Alumni Golf Tournament a hit!

As part of the Mississippi Weekend in Georgia 2013, the 1st Annual Mississippi Society of Georgia Celebrity & Alumni Golf Tournament took place at Wolf Creek Golf Club on June 14, 2013. We had 72 golfers and raised over $8,500 in scholarship funds toward Mississippi colleges. Check distributions were sent to Ole Miss, MIssissippi State, Delta State, Jackson State, & Millsaps. Thank you to our generous golf tournament sponsors including Q Solutions, Ruth's Chris, Atlantic Invesment Company, Kids R Kids, & Lazy Magnolia!

Thank you for your support in making the golf tournament a success!

2013 Golf Teams

Craft/Evans/Holden  [1st Place]
   Leigh Craft(Mississippi State)
   Henry Evans(Mississippi State)
   David Holden(Mississippi State)
Screaming Eagles  [2nd Place]
   Jim Donald(Ole Miss)
   Dolan Falconer(Ole Miss)
   Sylvester Harris(Alcorn State)
Hotty Toddy Trio  [3rd Place]
   Alex Markobrada(Ole Miss)
   Steve Prout(Ole Miss)
   David Tranberg(Ole Miss)
Team Allstate  
   Dondi Flemister(Ole Miss)
   Ray Kuma(Ole Miss)
   Duane Underwood(Ole Miss)
   Gary Waters(Ole Miss)
Georgia Rebels  
   David Duke(Ole Miss)
   Brian Martin(Ole Miss)
   John Wacho(Ole Miss)
   Jack D'Arcy(Mississippi State)
   Robert Fratesi(Mississippi State)
   Rodney Moore(Mississippi State)
   Robert Sansbury(Mississippi State)
   Olen Akers(Ole Miss)
   Charlie Flowers(Ole Miss)
   Tom McCann(Ole Miss)
   Ned Wilford(Ole Miss)
Ruth's Chris Team  
   Jimmy Brooks(Ole Miss)
   John Harof(Ole Miss)
   Jim Wallace(Mississippi State)
   Wes Burke(Ole Miss)
   Kenneth Tallant(Ole Miss)
   Nate Wayne(Ole Miss)
Team Baldwin  
   Randy Baldwin(Ole Miss)
   James Martin(Ole Miss)
   Stevon Moore(Ole Miss)
Team Childers  
   Dave Childers(Ole Miss)
   Larry Johnston(Other)
Atlantic Investment Company  
   Brad Courts(Ole Miss)
   Ken Cyree(Ole Miss)
   Todd Servick(Ole Miss)
Fighting Okra  
   David Ely(Millsaps)
   Jeffrey Farris(Delta State)
   Ed Pigott(Ole Miss)
   Jonathan Stark(Delta State)
Kids R Kids 2  
   Chris Bell(Ole Miss)
   Greg Hammond(Mississippi State)
   Kevin Moore(Ole Miss)
   Alec Lesley(Ole Miss)
   Brett Lesley(Ole Miss)
   Matt Wolski(Ole Miss)
Andre Townsend & Co  
   Phil Freightman(Ole Miss)
   Andre Townsend(Ole Miss)
Duffer Dawgs  
   Mike Criswell(Mississippi State)
   Leon Monroe(Mississippi State)
   Brian Sherman(Mississippi State)
Team Goodrum McDonalds  
   Willy Burke(Ole Miss)
   Charles Crist(Ole Miss)
   Leon Goodrum(Ole Miss)
   Sammy Gray(Ole Miss)
Team Parole  
   Steve Hayes(Ole Miss)
   Thurman Henderson(Ole Miss)
   James Hill(Mississippi State)
Camp Pioneer  
   William Allen III(Jackson State)
   William Allen, Jr.(Jackson State)
   Carl Bass(Jackson State)
Guntown Refugees  
   Eric Glidewell(Mississippi native)
   Kevin Glidewell(Mississippi native)
   Allison Parker(Mississippi native)
Kids R Kids  
   Kevin Magers(Ole Miss)
   Alan Ragatz(Ole Miss)
   Brian Ray(Ole Miss)
Lazy Magnolia  
   Zach Richards(Ole Miss)
   Arnold Slaughter(Ole Miss)
Richardson & Co  
   Les Knott(Jackson State)
   Willie Richardson(Jackson State)
   Marcus Smith(Jackson State)